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At MaxVibrant, we respect, nurture and support all the philosophies, thoughts, psychologies, cultures, values, morals, ethics etc. You are most welcome to present your point of view here. We highly appreciate and promote the relevant content that lies in the best interest of the society and humanity.

TIPS: How to write a good Post/Article

1. Clearly define your subject/topic in your mind. Carefully research and study your topic. First of all decide what you are going to write. Brainstorm your topic very well. This is like winning half the battle in the starting itself.

2. Define the outline of your article. Jot down all the points that come to your mind. Think about all the points. After sometime, you will find that a lot of great content is coming your way naturally.

3. Classify all these points according to the relevance. Provide a heading and subheading to all the points. This is a stage where you can reject the unsuitable material.

4. Take a break. Arrange the various topics that you just worked out in a logical fashion.

5. Elaborate the various points, and write paragraph(s) for each heading and subheading.

6. Try to write in a simplified manner so that you can cover a wider range of audiences. People come to internet from different backgrounds and cultures, and they look for the information to solve their problems.

7. Use short sentences and paragraphs, and keep your content to the point. You can also use bulleted and numbered lists to grab the attention of the reader, to arouse a higher level of interest.

8. As it depends on the content and matter of the article, you can use formal or informal way to talk to your audiences. The best combination is to use the quality in the content and a touch of everyday language.

9. The article should consist of Introduction, Body and conclusion.

  • Make headline and introduction enticing, exciting and arresting.
  • Build up the paragraphs, and solve the problem that you outlined in the introduction. You can use headings and subheadings to give the content a better look and feel for the visitors and readers.
  • Finally, make the conclusion effective and satisfying. You should be able to conclude the whole material presented, and that should be a call to action to your reader.

10. You can give your article a touch of your own personality and taste. It’s highly valued to include your philosophy and psychology.

11. Although these are the general guidelines to write an article or post, you are most welcome to write in your own style and procedure.

12. Last but not the least, don’t violate the copyright issues, and don’t copy paste the material from somewhere else. Our team of experts will review your article/post, and it may ask you to make certain changes that are in the best favor of the writer and the visitor. We will endorse the article, and the writer would be solely responsible for the copyrights. We are ready to help our writers in all possible ways 24/7.


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