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1. What is Integrated Personal Development Project/Program or IPDP?

It’s a way of life and a different perspective in which we understand the Personal Development or Self Help from multiple directions like:

  • Education for knowledge, skills, habits; design, development and management of learning and assessment systems
  • Psychology for perception, cognition, emotions, motivation, interpersonal relationships, soft skills and overall personality
  • Sociology for social stratification, social classes, security, religion, secularization, sexuality, identity and social networks
  • Economics for human capital and economic value; Micro and macro aspects and its impact on individuals, households and organizations
  • Philosophy for logic, argumentation, reality, existence, knowledge, reason, mind, ethics and self-reflection
  • Science and Technology for laws of nature, natural sciences, structure of the universe, medical science, alternate medicine; Knowledge and Application of tools, techniques, machines, models and systems
  • Paranormal Science for psychic, mysticism, spiritual healing, NDE, ESP, reincarnation, parapsychology, occult and supernatural
  • Personal Development Industry: Promotion and Support of Business to Consumer [B2C] and Business to Business [B2B] for various Products and Services; Market Research and Analysis
  • Research Topics: Scientific journals, Higher education reviews, Management journals and Business books

To make the content more user friendly and effective, the primary focus is over Personal Development, Mind Power, Health & Fitness and Spirituality. Rest in your life is a derivative of this powerful and flamboyant Personality.

2. How to kick start the Personal Development Process now?

Use the Power of NOW: Be here now in the present moment, and Make the best possible use of it.

NOW has the full capacity and potential to connect a bad past to a Glorious Future. Use NOW properly, it will make the next moment more powerful and the effect will multiply. If you can be HERE and NOW, You are actually using your system [Mind, Body and Spirit] and vice versa. This is the simple way to create, design and develop the Future or the life which you desire the most. If you think and act now the “Free will” will kick in else the Destiny will take over the charge.

3. How to create and manage a user account in MaxVibrant?

It’s very easy to register in MaxVibrant; Following are the ways to create an account:

  • Create a new account: Enter your Name, Username, Email ID, Password, Verify the Image and Activate your account. That’s it.
  • Use your existing account: You can login using your Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts also.

Make sure to activate your account before you can use it. To activate your account click on the account activation link which is sent to your registered email ID.

There is one single login for the entire MaxVibrant Site: Home Site, Community, Forum, Blog and Discuss. No need to create a separate account for all these parts.

Once you are logged in you can manage your user account at Community, Forum, Blog and Discuss. It’s simple and very user Friendly. If you face any problem, please let us know so that we can resolve it at the earliest.

4. What is MaxNet? What are the advantages of being a part of it?

MaxNet is a collection of Communication and collaboration tools for people to share and discuss various problems and solutions. Following are the main tools which you can use to expand your capacity beyond the default mode:

Community: Status Updates, Profile Page, Photos, Videos, Events, Groups, Friends, Alerts, Add-ons, Apps, Privacy Management and Many more to come.

Forum: Message Boards, Hold Conversations, Create and Manage Threads, Private messages, Attachments, BBCode and HTML, Emoticon, Polls, RSS and Atom Formats, Social networking capabilities, Signature integration Etc.

Blog: Great user interface, Email Blogging, Micro Blogging, Remote Blogging, Scheduled Posting, Tagging, Anti-spam, Highly Secure, RSS Feeds, Subscriptions, Email Notifications, Build in comments, Autoposting, Social Sharing, Mobile Ready, WYSIWYG Editors, SEO Friendly, Monetization Etc.

Discuss: Question and Answer service with Integrated Community, Forum and Blog Features

5. How to create a good password for my user account?

We use three layer security system on our site to manage and maintain user account details and personal details; If you are more concerned for a very strong password please refer this link on the forum: How to create a good Password?

6. What are the benefits for a registered user in your Website?

You are free to use all the information being provided on this site, but if you want more from your every visit, look beyond and deeper: Registered users enjoy some different privileges also like:

  • You can receive News, Updates; Information about products, services and related resources.
  • You can interact and communicate with other fellow users interested in the same domain.
  • You can promote your own products and services; you can also submit your listing on the site.
  • You can make the best possible use of the MaxNet: Community, Forum, Blog and Discuss.
  • You can manage and customize your profile: you can prove your voice in a better manner.
  • You can access private data like Email and PM.
  • You can contribute to the project as a volunteer and help a number of other community members. This will give you a privileged position and higher satisfaction in life too.

7. How the content of the entire website is organized? Give an overview.

  • Main Menu: Content is divided into Directory, Categories and Sub-categories to make it more user friendly; Individuals and Companies are most welcome to submit their relevant listings. Following are the important content parameters-Rating, Commenting, Voting, Favoring, Submit Review, Recommend, Print, Contact Owner, Report, Claim, See the Owner's Listings.
  • Directory Menu: You can short the content based on All Categories, All Listings Recently added & updated, Most Favored, Featured, Popular, Most Rated, Top Rated, Most Reviewed Etc.
  • MaxNet Tools: Make extensive use of the Communication and Collaboration tools-Social Network, Forum, Blog, Question & Answer service.
  • Newsletter: Get free updates for your favorite Feeds or Sign up for a Newsletter service. It's a great way to stay updated about your favorite content.
  • Products: Browse the wonderful list of great personal development products: Books, eBooks, Kindle DVD's, MP3, Music, Instant Videos and Many more.
  • Images: Collection of important and relevant images of the site
  • Videos: Have a look at the wide collection of Personal Development videos for a better understanding of the core concepts.

8. How to share the Knowledge and Information from your website?

You are free to share the knowledge and information from this site provided that you give appropriate credit to the source. Use the standard Citations and References.

You can follow us on social networking sites: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube.

You can Bookmark and Share the content from our site for easy retrieval of the content.

9. How may I contribute to the Integrated Personal Development Project?

There are many ways to contribute to this Project; If you have a new idea, we can implement that too [Just shoot us an email]:

  • You can write a blog post.
  • You can participate in Forum Discussions.
  • You can create a profile and interact with fellow members.
  • You can ask a Question or Reply to an Answer.
  • You can be a Service Provider or you can be a Service seeker.
  • You can write/create or share an article, Image, Video or any other type of Rich media.
  • You can Follow us on social networking sites and share the content that you like.
  • You can list and submit your products and services in the Directory.
  • You can also publish a research Paper or integrate the ongoing research with us.

10. I need a number of good free short eBooks related to personal development and associated fields. How?

You can access the free eBooks on Personal Development at this page: Download the Free EBooks.

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